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2015 Style Resolutions

2015 Plus-Size Style ResolutionsAs 2014 rolled into 2015, I started thinking about what my resolutions should be for this year. While most everyone I know was going on about how they were going to work on their exercise, eating, professional aspirations, or relationships all I could think about was my style and what’s next. Standing in the closet staring at my clothes and shoes as I was trying to decide what to wear, it all became so clear. 2015 is the year that my collection of shoes, bras, and jeans get a makeover.

A quick look at about 30 pairs of shoes quickly revealed that I really only have about 10 that I consider “wearable” for more than an hour or so. Another 10 are special occasion shoes – also known as beautiful must haves that I just can’t let go of because I just like to look at them even if I almost never wear them. The rest are completely useless and desperately need to be replaced by what I now call “good” shoes and my great grandmother would have called “sensible” shoes. Sensible shoes have come a long way since her days thankfully! Dansko is one of my favorite brands of good shoes. They’re well-made, comfortable, and look good a long time. The two pairs that already grace my collection surely will love some company.

And then there’s the whole bra issue. A quick glance at the top shelf in my closet reveals a huge pile of bras that have failed me. If you’re a fan of underwire bras like I am, I’m sure you are familiar with the whole “poke” issue as wires break through their casing and try to stab you. I’m down to about a dozen decent bras again and zero that I’d consider to be great. Pretty sad considering I know all too well how important a good foundation is to having great style. I really love my Izod bras but they only survive a few short months of wearing and washing. I’m sure they’d all last better if I’d hand wash them, but let’s get real, I’m a busy mom, grandma, wife, and professional and don’t have time to do that. So this year the search is on to find the elusive underwire bra that delivers the comfort, shape, and durability of my dreams.

Ah, jeans – the basics of chilly weekends. Actually, the search for the perfect jeans is already off to a good start, this resolution is mostly about purging the old and stocking up on the new. You see, recently I bought a couple pairs of trouser jeans in indigo. They have quickly become my favorite and I’ve absolutely dreaded wearing my skinny jeans since I bought them. With my pear shape, skinny jeans just aren’t flattering. Honestly, I should probably extend this resolution to leggings as well. Not sure if your fitted bottoms are a good look for you? Take a good look in the mirror with full natural light or at least bright lights. I found that every dimple showed like I had been in a hail storm – not my best look.  Trouser jeans, on the other hand, give me a polished look. I found mine at Belk. They carry the Gloria Vanderbilt Plus Size Amanda Dazzle jeans in the Women’s department that are the perfect pairing of stretch denim and tailoring. I’m nominating six pairs of skinny jeans and leggings to make their way to the donation pile.

Resolutions don’t have to feel like drudgery. Your style is an endlessly evolving thing in your life, so it’s the one thing that you can always put in your resolutions and look forward to working on.  Last year I spent a lot of time working on finding dresses that worked with my curves and great accessories to finish off outfits. These sections of my closet make me smile since I know I can easily pull together a look that rocks with them. What’s in your closet that needs revamping?