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The Language of Plus Size Fashion: Thick Fashion

Thick Fashion is a Passion

Thick Fashion Search Trends Thick is quickly gaining popularity as a term to describe plus size women. After holding steady between 2004 and 2008, we see a steady rate of increase through 2011, followed by a quickly increasing rate of adoption through 2013.   The top searches hint at the ethnic association of the term, with a few miscellaneous results included due to the highly general nature of the term.   Thick Fashion Search Trends When adding fashion to our search on thick, we find a highly fluctuating search history between 2006-2013. Some of this may be due to adoption of other words within the plus size industry gaining momentum, such as curvy. However, it is directly coorelated with thick girls fashion, indicating that its adoption has a strong correlation with a younger demographic. /p> A quick Google search for Thick Fashion reveals a number of social media pages and personal blogs that feature primarily African-America plus size women, though not exclusively. This finding is consistent with the geographic findings on the term thick. Which of the terms popular in the plus size industry do you identify with most – plus size, curvy, thick, fat, or bbw? Share you thoughts ... Read More »

The Language of Plus Size Fashion: Fat Fashion

Fat Fashion - Not only possible, but fabulous!

Fat Fashion Search Trends Fat fashion first made it’s appearance as a notable search term in early 2005 and has maintained a relatively even search volume over the years, with the exception of April 2012, which had no real correlation to plus size industry and was actually caused by the Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) Arts & Fashion Week. While some members of the plus size industry are working to reclaim the word “fat”, overall reception from the plus size population overall has not been particularly positive. This is the first time in researching the plus size, curvy, bbw, thick, and fat fashion and style search results that we see men enter the top and rising searches in a big way. A quick Google search on fat fashion delivers links to a number of plus size fashion and body acceptance blogs, social media pages. Notably, some of these results are targeted men as are some of the ads on the results page. It would seem that fat is a word that men are more comfortable with using in search than women. Read More »

The Language of Plus Size Fashion: Plus Size

Plus Size is a Plus

Plus Size Search Trends The term plus size has been holding pretty steady in terms of search for the last 9 years now, showing only a notable increase in the last year and a half. Given that the term is heavily tied to clothing and fashion, this increase is likely due to the recent increase in plus size designers, retailers, and media coverage of the industry. The term is familiar to searches across the globe, with a particularly high level of use in the United States and Australia looking at Google Trends. The term is almost solely associated with clothing across the world. A quick Google search for curvy today reveals page after page of plus size retailers and designers offering an ever growing selection of fashions for today’s more demanding plus size woman. Note, I said woman, as these pages are almost solely filled with retailers targeting the female consumer. Fashions for larger men fall under completely different terminology. What do you think about the fact that above ideal sized women are referred to as plus size while men are not? Share your feelings in the comments! Read More »

The Language of Plus Size Fashion: Plus Size Style

Plus Size Style - Time to Rock Your Curves

Plus Size Style Search Trends Plus size style gained momentum right along with plus size fashion as a search trend in 2012-2013. While one would think that plus size fashion and plus size style would pull similar search results, there are actually some pretty significant differences. Plus size style has a strong association with vintage clothing and the pin up style. Pin up style, with its beautiful curvy women, is experiencing a strong revival as plus size women find support for their curves in historical images and with modern photographers. Vintage dress style are well suited for a curvy body shape, so many plus size women have found a renewed passion for these designs. This vintage trend has undoubtedly brought about the popularity of ModCloth and eShakti, who offer a wide selection of vintage inspired designs, in the plus size fashion community. Plus size style also has a strong association with the plus size bridal industry, which is also seeing strong growth as plus size brides demand more trendy styles and options from designers in both the high and low price points. A quick Google search on plus size style reveals a number of popular retailers including Kiyonna, Lane Bryant, ... Read More »

The Language of Plus Size Fashion: Curvy Fashion

Curvy Fashion Rocks

Curvy Fashion Search Trends 2008 brought about the adoption of curvy fashion as popular language for women searching for looks that suited their curves and personal style. It was the beginnings of a body acceptance revolution that continues on today. As women of all sizes battle eating and other disorders, claiming the language that references to the feminine form regardless of size is a powerful and necessary step in putting an end to size shaming for women and girls on both the low and high ends of the size scale. And while curvy is often found associated with what has otherwise been termed plus size fashion, it is also being widely adopted across social networks by women and girls of all sizes to celebrate the natural curves of their bodies. It is after all, something we all have in common that makes us uniquely feminine. Looking at the top and rising searches for curvy fashion, I can’t help but smile. It’s a term being applied in a really positive way across generations and sizes. A quick Google search today reveals a wide variety of size 12W+ retailers advertising their apparel and a wide variety of blogs, magazines, and social media ... Read More »

The Language of Plus Size Fashion: Plus Size Fashion

Plus Size Fashion - Boring No More!

Plus Size Fashion Search Trends 2013 has clearly been the breakout year for plus size fashion. For years and years the search volume has remained fairly steady in the USA and then toward the end of 2011, things started to change and kept changing. Plus size women gained their collective voice through social media and the internet and designers and retailers started listening. The message was loud and clear – we want more options, we want them to be designed for plus size bodies, we want quality fabrics, and we want a variety of price options to meet the budgets of all income levels of women. The statistics on America’s growing waist line also served to justify investments into this target market and within 12 months the plus size fashion landscape was shifting quickly. The demand for plus size fashion in the US is strong from coast to coast and includes all of the expected metro areas and top cities. Fashion Bug and Fashion to Figure stand out in the top searches as a branded retailers. Other top searches show the growing popularity and interest in plus size blogs, fashion, and stores. A quick Google search shows a wide variety ... Read More »

The Language of Plus Size Fashion: BBW

BBW - Big Beautiful Woman With Great Style

BBW Search Trends BBW has largely fallen into disfavor in the plus size industry as it has been claimed by the porn industry. After holding a steady search level between 2004-2006, it’s use skyrocketed through 2007 and then slowly fell throughout 2010 until regaining some traction throughout 2013. It’s use is far most popular in South African and South American countries.   Here we can see the unfortunate association with the porn industry in the top searches and rising searches for the term BBW worldwide. Limiting these search results to the US over time or even within the past 12 months results in virtually identical trends. BBW Fashion Search Trends Interest in BBW fashion as a search phrase has been virtually non-existent until late in 2012. Even in 2013, there is not enough traffic to reveal any additional insights into what people are expecting when they search for the term. A quick Google search reveals a variety of retailers targeting an older demographic and some links to fashion show resources and articles. Worldwide search trends for BBW Style are also primarily related to sexual references. However, a quick Google search also reveals a mixture of social media pages and blogs ... Read More »

The Language of Plus Size Fashion: Curvy Style

Curvy Style For All

Curvy Style Search Trends As the term “curvy” has quickly gained adoption by the plus size community, so has it’s use in the search engines and style industry. Between 2010 and 2013, Curvy Style has gone from non-existence to a hot term, particularly in places such as California, New York, and Texas. While these areas probably don’t come as much of a surprise since they are hotbeds of fashion, it exciting since they tend to lead the way in adoption across the USA and beyond. Here we can also see it’s a term that is particularly youthful in adoption and highly brand oriented as both “curvy girls” and “curvy girl style” and associated with top plus size fashion blogs. A quick Google search for curvy today reveals an exciting number of fashion resources like popular plus size fashion blogs GarnerStyle, Curvy Girl Chic, and The Curvy Fashionista, retail stores, magazines, and a number of other plus size fashion blogs. What’s your preference – Curvy Style or Plus Size Style? Share your thoughts in the comments! Read More »

The Language of Plus Size Fashion: Curvy

Definition of Curvy

Curvy Search Trends The evolution of “curvy” as a term associated with women’s fashion and style has been growing very quickly in the last three years. Its adoption has quickly spread worldwide as growing numbers of women young and old embrace it. As plus size has increasingly been used in a negative way in the media, a younger generation has been quick to replace it with a more body positive term. This doesn’t come as a surprise as they are pushing for acceptance of individual uniqueness overall. Taking a look at the data available from Google Trends, this terminology is clearly here to stay for some time to come. Even in some of the world’s most fashion conscious cities, curvy is the hot new term. There is also clearly a refreshing level of positiveness about it as can been seen in the top and rising searches. Here we’re seeing an increasing interest in brands, models, blogs, role models, body positive imagery, and so forth as this term gains momentum. A quick Google search for curvy today reveals a number of fashion resources like Voque Italy, Curvy Kate Lingerie, CURVY Magazine, and a number of blogs. I think this change in ... Read More »