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Updos for Medium Length Hair

Creating a great updo for medium length hair can be challenging. I’ve been in search for something more than a simple french twist or basic pony tail based bun and found this wonderful selection of videos that feature simple to do, yet fabulous looking styles to take you from the office to diner and dancing. Easier Than It Looks Updo The Twisted Fishtail Updo Perfect for the Office – The Loop Updo Hair Tutorial Perfect for Anytime – Lived In Messy Bun Great for Date Night – Messy Double Bun Perfect Anytime – Messy Bun with a Braided Wrap Great for an Afternoon Picnic or Shopping – Double Knot Twist All that teasing have you frustrated? Check out this tutorial on how to tease your fair before making a second try! Read More »

5 Tips for Personal Style Audacity

Personal Style Audacty

From attending casual gatherings to cocktail parties, I want my personal style to enter everyone’s mind long before my size. Knowing I look my personal best gives me confidence in pretty much any situation, but this is all the more true when attending events where I don’t know the majority of the people; whether I’m attending with my husband or alone. When I’m alone, I aim to be the most appropriately and best dressed woman in attendance. There’s nothing like the boost of confidence the right outfit can give you when walking into a room of strangers. Plus, how you look goes a long way to set the tone for conversations and possible networking relationships. When I’m with my husband, dressing well is top priority for me for more than one reason. First and foremost, I want him to feel proud to be with me – that he has the most beautiful and intelligent woman in the room on his arm. Second I want people focused on how fabulous my clothes are because, let’s be honest, people can be very judgmental about size and having a husband who is visually trimmer than you seems to make you an even greater ... Read More »

2015 Style Resolutions

2015 Style Resolutions

As 2014 rolled into 2015, I started thinking about what my resolutions should be for this year. While most everyone I know was going on about how they were going to work on their exercise, eating, professional aspirations, or relationships all I could think about was my style and what’s next. Standing in the closet staring at my clothes and shoes as I was trying to decide what to wear, it all became so clear. 2015 is the year that my collection of shoes, bras, and jeans get a makeover. A quick look at about 30 pairs of shoes quickly revealed that I really only have about 10 that I consider “wearable” for more than an hour or so. Another 10 are special occasion shoes – also known as beautiful must haves that I just can’t let go of because I just like to look at them even if I almost never wear them. The rest are completely useless and desperately need to be replaced by what I now call “good” shoes and my great grandmother would have called “sensible” shoes. Sensible shoes have come a long way since her days thankfully! Dansko is one of my favorite brands of ... Read More »

Spring 2015 Fashion Color Forecast

2015 Color Outlook

Spring 2015 promises to bring with it a rainbow of cool, soft blues and greens and warmer pinks and oranges complimented by nature-inspired neutrals. Think retro inspired color combinations, florals, and folk art. Personally, I’m looking forward to a color palette designed to help us relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of a technology-driven world. Check out these great styles from Eshakti.com featuring some of these fresh spring colors! Read More »

Holiday Cocktail Party Looks

Dahlia crinoline in red from Eshakti.com

It’s hard to believe that it’s time to start thinking about what to wear for holiday parties already, but the clock is ticking, especially if you want to custom order something. I’ve spent quite a few evenings scouring the web for just the right looks. I was really tempted by the Anna Scholz Jewel Print Dress and Anna Scholz Ombre Maxi Dress at Simply Be, but having the fit be an unknown I kept looking. I received an ad from Eshakti.com this morning, so I decided to take a look at their site again since I’m a big fan of their customization service. I’ve been watching their site for weeks looking for just the right outfit, but hadn’t come across anything new and exciting. Until today, that is. Lucky me, they updated their catalog again and I found the perfect outfit for a cocktail party and picked up a bonus top, plus they were all on sale and I had a coupon code. Can you say total score! I’ve been looking for some separates to add some spice to my wardrobe, so the idea of a skirt and top set were at the top of my mind. This Pleat neck ponte ... Read More »

What to Wear for a Romantic Weekend in Vegas

Dress from Igigi.com

My husband and I will be making our annual visit to Vegas in October so deciding what to wear has been on my mind for weeks; ok maybe months. It’s the only trip we take without the family, so planning a fun and romantic trip is top priority. We usually stay at Excalibur since it’s close to New York New York and MGM, but this time we decided to treat ourselves and will be staying at Treasure Island. We had such a blast at Kahunaville last time, we wanted to stay close by. Oh, and this time we’re actually staying two weekends in a row; my husband will fly in and out for work. This trip is our opportunity to decompress and have some fun as a couple, so we’re planning on taking in Zumanity and Beacher’s Madhouse; Zumanity is a must for an couple spending the weekend in Vegas – check it out if you haven’t seen it! Top off those plans with some sight-seeing and fine dining and we have the perfect weekend. This great mix of activities requires some fabulous fashion. Since finding stylish plus size clothes can be challenging any day, I started my search early ... Read More »

Conference Style: What to Wear in Vegas in the Fall

Dress from Eshakti.com

The whole idea of traveling to a conference is enough to make many plus size women nervous and if Vegas is the destination, it can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared. I’ve made this trip several times now and can give you some tips on what to wear and how to get there comfortably. Vegas is a blast no matter your size if you go prepared. I’m heading to Vegas in October for my annual trip to Pubcon. It’s a marathon 4 days of learning, networking, and partying. And walking – lots and lots of walking. Did I mention the walking? Pubcon is something you should train for, like a marathon. I don’t recommend taking a pedometer, it’s more likely to be discouraging versus motivating, especially after a couple days. The days start early and nights run late; it’s really better to focus on the overall experience versus the details of how many miles you’ve put in and how few hours of sleep you’ve had. Trust me, it’s all worth it or I wouldn’t go back year after year. This year, we’ll be staying at Treasure Island and the conference is at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Travel Let me ... Read More »

Professional Style: What to Wear to the Office


Finding great plus size style for the office can be challenging when you work in a professional environment. I’m not sure why, but so many designers seem to think that business equals business casual or even casual attire today. While I normally work from home, I do go to the office from time to time and have a 4 day trip coming up, so what to wear has been on my mind a lot. If you check out the What’s in My Closet posts, you will see I’ve been busy shopping for weeks and now it’s time to put it all together into stylish business outfits. Personally, I love to mix and match pieces which works out great since I live in a little different climate than I work in. I’m betting there will be at least a 20 degree difference between the average temperatures between the two, if not more, for this early October trip with my destination being cooler. Taking a first look in the closet, I realized I needed a wardrobe refresh since it’s been a little over 6 months since I was last at the office. I started by going through my closet to take stock ... Read More »

What’s in My Closet? LaneBryant.com – 08/31/14


I love a great finish to an outfit and think a jacket does that just right when we’re talking office attire. Of course, a jacket can also be just the right touch to a pair of jeans too for a dressed up casual look too. I’m very into Ponte fabric this year for its ease of wear, so this great jacket from Lane Bryant caught my eye right away in the rich Merlot color. Merlot is like a magenta for fall, the brightness turned done just enough and the richness turned up. I really love the way this jacket looks belted, so it seemed like a great option for wearing on my trip to the company headquarters this fall. But did I really need another blazer was the big question on my mind since I work at home 99% of the time. After much debate, I decided to head to a local Lane Bryant store in Charlotte to see how it really fit and if the color was as fabulous as the web showed. I was sold! It’s really a great jacket, so I bought it in black too since they were having a buy one get one free sale. ... Read More »

What’s in My Closet? Eshakti.com – 08/30/14

Eshakti.com - Contrast trim crepe maxi dress

Eshakti.com is one of those stores you need to check everyday to see what new, exciting styles they have added to their inventory and then snap them up quick. Great new dresses and tops go out of stock quick, so if you are wanting to have something custom made, you need to act fast. Good thing I avidly check their stock every day because today was one of those days that dresses quickly went out of stock. As you’ve probably read, I always custom order from Eshakti to get the perfect fit and I did just that with these. I did have the black Annabelle dress made ankle length too. How amazingly beautiful is this ivory and black dress? I had to have it. This is a pure classic design in the ideal colors. I could immediately see myself wearing this dress relaxing poolside or at a chic little sidewalk cafe. It’s romantic date weekend ready. Have dress, will travel! I found the Annabelle dress that I have in red was now available in black. I’m so excited, how perfect is this for winter parties? Add in sparkling earrings, great little shrug, and metallic sandals and I’m good to go. ... Read More »