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5 Tips for Personal Style Audacity

Personal Style Audacty

From attending casual gatherings to cocktail parties, I want my personal style to enter everyone’s mind long before my size. Knowing I look my personal best gives me confidence in pretty much any situation, but this is all the more true when attending events where I don’t know the majority of the people; whether I’m attending with my husband or alone. When I’m alone, I aim to be the most appropriately and best dressed woman in attendance. There’s nothing like the boost of confidence the right outfit can give you when walking into a room of strangers. Plus, how you look goes a long way to set the tone for conversations and possible networking relationships. When I’m with my husband, dressing well is top priority for me for more than one reason. First and foremost, I want him to feel proud to be with me – that he has the most beautiful and intelligent woman in the room on his arm. Second I want people focused on how fabulous my clothes are because, let’s be honest, people can be very judgmental about size and having a husband who is visually trimmer than you seems to make you an even greater ... Read More »

2015 Style Resolutions

2015 Style Resolutions

As 2014 rolled into 2015, I started thinking about what my resolutions should be for this year. While most everyone I know was going on about how they were going to work on their exercise, eating, professional aspirations, or relationships all I could think about was my style and what’s next. Standing in the closet staring at my clothes and shoes as I was trying to decide what to wear, it all became so clear. 2015 is the year that my collection of shoes, bras, and jeans get a makeover. A quick look at about 30 pairs of shoes quickly revealed that I really only have about 10 that I consider “wearable” for more than an hour or so. Another 10 are special occasion shoes – also known as beautiful must haves that I just can’t let go of because I just like to look at them even if I almost never wear them. The rest are completely useless and desperately need to be replaced by what I now call “good” shoes and my great grandmother would have called “sensible” shoes. Sensible shoes have come a long way since her days thankfully! Dansko is one of my favorite brands of ... Read More »