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Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is another household name in plus size fashion. In fact, you’ve likely been shopping there for years now.  But have you explored their great selection of accessories?  They carry a variety of:  shoes belts sunglasses headbands & scarves tights, leggings & socks handbags & wallets jewelry When it comes to trendy pieces, they have you covered.  Check out their selection at lanebryant.com Read More »

Forever 21

While their target market is definitely not the 40+ crowd of plus size women, they do carry some great accessories.  Their selection includes: Jewelry Bags & Wallets Hair Accessories Hats Scarves Belts Sunglasses & Eyewear Socks & Tights Since they are targeting a younger audience, they carry lots of trendy pieces at low prices!  Check out their selection at forever21.com Read More »

The Avenue

The Avenue tends to carry a wider selection of accessories in store than online.  Their price is low to moderate and they have some great sales and coupons.  They’re a favorite stop of mine for large size necklaces and bracelets. Plus, they often have some great earrings! Check them out at avenue.com Read More »


Roman’s has been a name in plus size fashion for a long time time.  They offer a wide variety of wide with shoes and other accessories in classic and contemporary designs. Their accessories line includes: Jewelry Handbags And Belts Hats Scarves & Gloves Hosiery & SockS Check out their selection of accessories at romans.com Read More »


AshleyStewart offers a nice selection of belts, handbags, hats, and scarves for the plus size woman.  The selection includes a wide variety of trendy designs to keep your look up-to-date.   Check out their selection at ashleystewart.com Read More »


Blair offers a variety of accessories in plus sizes.  Be sure to check out their great selection of belts and click on “Womens” to get the plus sizing options. Check out their selection at Blair.com  Read More »


ASOS offers a variety of accessories for the plus size woman. Their target market is young women, but they do have some great finds for the 40+ plus size woman. Their selection includes: Belts Jewelry & Watches Bags & Purses Sunglasses Collars Gloves Hats Other Accessories  Scarves & Snoods You can check out their selection at ASOS – USA Read More »

IGIGI Accessories

IGIGI offers a wonderful selection of plus size accessories for complimenting outfits for the office and evenings out. Their prices are moderately high, with necklaces falling in the $30-85 range, earrings $24-36, bracelets $32-48, clutches $45-160, and belts at $45-60.  The pieces are all pretty unique and range from classic designs to very modern pieces. http://www.igigi.com/plus-size-accessories/ Read More »