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Igigi's Shapestylist - My Results

One of my favorite tools for finding the right styles for your body is by Igigi.  Their Shapestylist tool walks you through defining your shape using images instead of measurements, giving you the opportunity to provide some very crucial input; we all know the simple measurements most brands judge us by just don’t tell the whole plus size body shape story. The tool has you provide details on your shoulders, bust, tummy, waist, hips, bottom, and overall shape. When you’re done, you get some general advice on dressing your amazing body and then a list of their fashions that will work best for you.  Here’s a screenshot of my personal results! I urge you to head on over to their site and try out their Shapestylist tool for yourself and then take a look around their great recommendations. The great thing is, you can take their advice and apply it to other designer’s fashion selections as well. Don’t forget to signup for their email list while you’re there to get a discount on your next purchase! Read More »